… alles is goed.

October 16, 2010 § 2 Comments


I just about to write something about my utter state of frustration… with this program, with this assignment, with this country, with my STUPID PC that has some sort of fucked up weird security settings that are totally fucking up my SAS program. And a million other things that culminated into one big about-to-blow-up moment, until out of the corner of my eye, I saw something fluttering by my window and when I looked over there were all these birds in my tree…. and two new ones, two gorgeous new ones that I had never seen before. And it made me happy… and instantly at ease. Not that it’s fixed anything or that anything’s figured out, but just that it will be… and alles is goed




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meet Sint-Pietersplein and 20 feet across from it… my soon-to-be department building… how friggin lucky is that!

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So, I’ve been scouring the city of good food and well, scouring is probably the wrong word to use here, as it’s everywhere, i mean – literally around every corner. There isn’t a block you can walk by that doesn’t have a bakery, or a chocolate candy store – not to be confused with a chocolate shop (which as far as I can tell just serves, hot warm, sippable chocolate… yeah like cocoa, but OBVIOUSLY not! Anyway, I’ve made it a mission of mine to try everything I possibly can over the next year, but hopefully not all at once, as I really would love to not come back looking it… 🙂 Things that i haven’t tried yet, but will and everytime I pass them on the street, walking by seems to be significantly harder and harder to do, include: warm, smell them across the cobblestoned courtyard, soft – plain, cream, strawberry or chocolate filled waffles; chocolate candy, belgian traditional plum colored thingys (see them everywhere, what are they?!); australian ice cream, cream puffs, french fries (which apparently originated here), beer, beer and more beer and a million other things. But, I kept passing soup restaurants and the other day just couldn’t resist. I walked into the first one I saw, got out my dictionary, looked up two words and I was sold on a soup – didn’t even bothered figuring out what else they had, there’s always next time. I just got a cup of it and it came with some bread and not to be cheesy, but seriously,  it was utterly orgasmic. I just don’t know if I’ve ever had anything more tasty in my life – pumpkin-carrot curry soup with granny smith apples and the bread… the bread was like … cake, but better – I don’t even know what the place was called, but god help I will find it again! I love my new city.

lazy Sunday

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I am just starting a new tiny chapter in my life – I’ve recently moved to Gent, Belgium for a Grad Program and am hoping to start writing a bit more often in my blog while I’m here. I’ve always wanted to be the kind of person that’s able to keep a journal and take the time in life to reflect on things through writing, but time and time and again. I don’t quite do it… Maybe this time, I will. I will really really try. Today was day 10 in Gent, and was spent rather lazily gazingout my window, sipping on tea and nibbling on whole grain bread and honey – a pretty perfect day. Tomorrow though, surly promises to be more productive…

OMG OMG OMG, I just saw the craziest thing out my window… a young couple fighting… the girl screaming at her boyfriend, pushing him over and over again, until he snaps, and grabs her by her neck, yells in her ear and violently lets go… they both walk in separate directions – yesterday i saw a couple kissing in the park – how did I get this lucky, best people watching spot ever! ❤ my new apartment!

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