January 18, 2011 § 3 Comments

I sprawled out on top of her butcher paper covered table and spread my legs…

She examined my half naked body closely, slightly shaking her head with disappointment. I am no waxing virgin either, but I can’t say that I’ve ever had the luxury of being waxed into a whimpering howl. I clenched my teeth together as hard as I could, pleading with myself to ignore the pebbles of blood covering her sugar-wax strips and the slow after burn of my er.. vagina, if it’s still there. I focused on the conversation… …’now, are you sure you don’t want a diamond? … ‘that’s strange that a full wax is not common in California, I can’t imagine why?!‘ she says.   I squint my eyes in an effort to participate in her bemusement… ‘surly it can’t be because you just ripped out my clitoris…   nay?’

But really, the girl was so lovely… she was even lovelier from behind. The instructions were to crouch down onto my knees and hold my cheeks steady. I believe in that moment alone, I was re-born … European, no less. (I dunno who says they’re hairy… it just ain’t true) And after the pain subsided, alive... slightly thrilled. ….and I gotta say my partial bikini days are so over.

And Stephanie, the 23 year old waxpert, extraordinaire … who was just dumped by her 5 year long boyfriend and was on her way to look at a new apartment for her new life, …my new best friend! I told her, listen… (all the while thinking, girl, if you can do this… you can do anything!) same thing happened to me, and look… I’m in Belgium. hairless.


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